artist feature – Wooded Woods

About once a month or so I want to feature an artist I am enjoying. There is so much great horror art out there, and these creators deserve any love that comes their way. Here we go with #1, Wooded Woods (aka Kamila Mlynarczyk). Social media has allowed people to find things they love easier […]

Black Mirror, S4 (2017)

As a reader of a blog that focuses on horror, chances are you have already watched the most recent season of Black Mirror. If not, don’t worry as I have not included any spoilers. Either you have already seen the episodes and are interested in someone else’s thoughts on them, or you are considering watching […]

Mom & Dad (2017)

From what I can tell, this movie has not been hyped as much as other recent horror films. Why, you might ask, in a time of horror resurgence would a horror movie with pretty big names in the lead roles be not be shoved down our throats? My guess is because one of those in […]

Creep 2 (2017)

tl;dr – I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. As someone who watches a lot about and reads a lot about killers, I have to say that Duplass’ Aaron is a breath of fresh air. It gets old watching the same types over and over. There’s the silent killing machine, the backwards hillbilly, the focused psychopath, etc. […]

The Shape Of Water (2017)

Fans of del Toro have been looking forward to this one for a while, and rightfully so. I went out and saw this on the day of release and was delighted. Mr del Toro is a master storyteller and The Shape Of Water was indeed a complex and beautiful story. As with the more famous […]

true crime fan ≠ horror fan

Scrolling through my Instagram feed recently I came across this post from the My Favorite Murder podcast: View this post on Instagram A new batch of MFM flavored tattoos for ya. #myfavoritemurder #murderino #ssdgm #myfavoritemurdertattoo #mfmtattoo A post shared by My Favorite Murder (@myfavoritemurder) on Dec 13, 2017 at 10:37am PST For some reason I […]