artist feature – Wooded Woods

About once a month or so I want to feature an artist I am enjoying. There is so much great horror art out there, and these creators deserve any love that comes their way. Here we go with #1, Wooded Woods (aka Kamila Mlynarczyk). Social media has allowed people to find things they love easier […]

Black Mirror, S4 (2017)

As a reader of a blog that focuses on horror, chances are you have already watched the most recent season of Black Mirror. If not, don’t worry as I have not included any spoilers. Either you have already seen the episodes and are interested in someone else’s thoughts on them, or you are considering watching […]

Mom & Dad (2017)

From what I can tell, this movie has not been hyped as much as other recent horror films. Why, you might ask, in a time of horror resurgence would a horror movie with pretty big names in the lead roles be not be shoved down our throats? My guess is because one of those in […]

Creep 2 (2017)

tl;dr – I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. As someone who watches a lot about and reads a lot about killers, I have to say that Duplass’ Aaron is a breath of fresh air. It gets old watching the same types over and over. There’s the silent killing machine, the backwards hillbilly, the focused psychopath, etc. […]

The Shape Of Water (2017)

Fans of del Toro have been looking forward to this one for a while, and rightfully so. I went out and saw this on the day of release and was delighted. Mr del Toro is a master storyteller and The Shape Of Water was indeed a complex and beautiful story. As with the more famous […]

true crime fan ‚Ȇ horror fan

Scrolling through my Instagram feed recently I came across this post from the My Favorite Murder podcast: View this post on Instagram A new batch of MFM flavored tattoos for ya. #myfavoritemurder #murderino #ssdgm #myfavoritemurdertattoo #mfmtattoo A post shared by My Favorite Murder (@myfavoritemurder) on Dec 13, 2017 at 10:37am PST For some reason I […]

Within the Wires podcast

Podcasts are a favourite way to wind down for me. For the most part I listen to them for fun while working on something. But not Within the Wires. There is no listening while doing something else, having it play in the background and paying only partial attention to what is going on. From the […]

Black Static #56

Black Static, issue #56 by TTA press cover art by Joachim Luetke The Green Eye – Scott Nicolay¬†(illustrated by Ben Baldwin) This is a story of summertime boyhood antics cut short by a supernatural urban legend called the Spooklights. Are the unfortunate circumstances that follow are a result of the legend or just a young […]