consumed this week > 12-18 March 2017

Logan – What a heavy movie! Heavy with emotion, heavy with action, heavy with blood. It was a far less summer blockbuster serving of the Marvel universe than I am used to. I had no idea what I was going in to, but I was glad I saw it. I loved Stephen Merchant as Caliban and Sir Patrick Stewart was solid. This is not a popcorn flick. To be honest, I felt almost drained after watching it. Anyway, if you like your Marvel less fluffy, go see it.

Boys & Ghouls – Oh, Cannibal
Forever Midnight – ep 47 (31 & Baskin), ep 50 (The Mangler), ep 56 (Beast Mode), ep 57 (Rings)
My Favorite Murder – MFM Minsode 20, ep 59 Live @ The Wilbur, MFM Minisode 21, ep 60 Jazz It
Serial Killers – ep 1 & ep 2 (HH Holmes), ep 5 & ep 6 (“The Vampire of Dusseldorf” Peter Kurten)
White Wine True Crime – ep 60 (Stalkers Who Kill the Mood), ep 61 (Into The Abyss)
Wine & Crime – S1 ep 3 lesser-known cults


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