I actually watched two movies this week! At this rate I might even catch up some day! I hope to find the time to do posts on both I Am Not A Serial Killer and Green Room. Also on the to-do list is Black Static #56.

Nightmare Magazine:
Alice Through the Plastic Sheet by Robert Shearman (read here) > So enjoyably weird

The H Word: Sadako, Mitsuko and Sleep Paralysis by Rios de la Luz (read here) > non-fiction, sobering and it puts things in perspective

You Will Always Have a Family: A Triptych by Kathleen Kayembe (read here) > effective imagery in a zombie story that is actually interesting

I Am Not A Serial Killer – I am so glad I watched this. I did not expect what was coming at all. It essentially has something for everyone. Max Records, great. Christopher Lloyd, always a treat. Lots of morgue scenes, family drama, sociopathy, cute Irish therapists…

Green Room – I had head this one was super gory, but I didn’t feel that way. It has more blood than some films, but perhaps it was worse because it was actual humans instead of supernatural monsters that drew it. This was a nice mix of some of my favourite actors with some new ones that I am going to look out for. Once again, Macon Blair! I am going to have to watch Blue Ruin STAT.

The Dollop – ep 241 The Two Indigenous Actors

Faculty of Horror – ep 48 Crime & Punishment: Rape and Revenge in I Spit On Your Grave (1978) and Elle (2016)

Lore – ep 56 Going Viral

Philosophy Bites – Andy Clark on the Extended Mind

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know – Did the CIA invent counterculture?, The mysterious Lake City Quiet Pills


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