October 2017 horror movie resources

Hello! The most wonderful month of the year begins. I am very excited about the spookiness this year will hold and I hope you are too. Chances are, scary movies are a favourite way to spend an October evening. But how do we keep track of all of the choices out there? I know that I felt kind of overwhelmed at the end of September.

Here are some resources I am using to stay on top of all the scary goodness:

  1. The app from Turner Classic Movies has schedules and lots of info on the movies they are playing. You can set reminders and also add favourite actors so you never miss movies from them. Dracula is the monster of the month and kicked things off. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TCMterror!
  2. This printable PDF list of horror movies featuring black women from Graveyard Shift Sisters. Print it out and put it somewhere prominent in case you need to be reminded to watch some awesome scary movies! No pressure to get through all of them this month. These movies will be great any time of year, I’m sure.
  3. This AMC Fear Fest 2017 roster. The schedule seems to still be TBA but at least there is a run down of what they plan on showing. Lots of modern classics, as well as the anticipated Cult of Chucky. EDIT Tues 03 October – You can see the full schedule here.

As well as a personal catch-up list of films, this is more than enough to keep my eyes busy this month. I think it’s a good thing I don’t have Shudder.

Which horror films are you most looking forward to spending time with this month? Do you have any that are an annual Halloween tradition?


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